IMAGES from the field, SOUNDS and STORIES


Like many anthropologists, I often take photos and record sounds when I am doing fieldwork. Sometimes I work with a photographer or a sound recordist at my fieldsites to help create images. This post outlines some collaborative and other experiments with photos and sounds.


I like to think creatively about and within the places I study. Part of this means, like many anthropologists, when conducting fieldwork I often take photos and record sounds. Sometimes I work with a photographer or sound recordist (such as Thomas Fuller and Andy Fuller) who take a fresh and exciting perspective on these topics (see a photoessay in Places with Thomas Fuller here).

You can find some of my own photos from fieldwork, medical museums and other interesting places on Flikr and listen to some of my sound recordings on SoundCloud. I have also written short stories in the past too – you can find one of these on

In 2016 I had a conversation with Marilys Guillemin about the ethics of visual research. You can watch the video here.

Here is a sound file, of doctors’ mimicking sounds of the heart and lungs.

And some articles and presentations related to this topic, with sounds and photos:

Harris, Anna. (2016) “The ethics of researching images found online” In Ethics for Visual Research: Theory, Methodology and Practice edited by Warr, D., Guillemin, M., Cox, S. and Waycott, J. London: Palgrave Macmillan: 61 – 73

Harris, Anna (2016) Listening-touch, affect and the crafting of medical bodies through percussion (Body & Society)

Harris, Anna, Thomas Fuller, Alexandra Supper, Joeri Bruyninckyx and Melissa van Drie. (2016) What we hear, with our tongues (Centre for Imaginative Ethnography, Soundings).

Fuller, Thomas and Anna Harris (2016) Images of Istanbul (Centre for Imaginative Ethnography, Soundings).

Harris, Anna (2015) Autophony: Listening to your eyes move (Casenotes, Somatosphere)

Harris, Anna (2015) The blackboard anatomist (British Medical Journal) 350: h345.

Harris, Anna (2014) Staging the studio: Contextualising photographic documentation in artistic contexts: Discussant for Sarah de Rijcke, 19 May, The Research Centre Autonomy and the Public Sphere in the Arts/Maastricht Academy of Fine Arts and Design, Maastricht, The Netherlands

Harris, Anna and Fuller, Thomas (2014) The night-side of hospitals (a photoessay), Places (The Design Observer)

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Guillemin, Marilys, Harris, Anna, and Heggen, Kristen (2013) Storytelling, research and sensory awareness, A narrative future for healthcare’ conference, London, UK, 19 – 21 June

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Harris, Anna (2007) Artist as medical ethnographer, TASA Health Section Conference, Beechworth, Australia, 22 – 24 June

Images my own, from fieldwork in Bayreuth, Germany.

About pneumaticpost

I am an anthropologist researching medical practices. For more about me, click here. Photo by Arjen Schmitz.

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