CRAFT + medicine/science


From embroidering chromosomes, to using quilting or knitting metaphors in my writing, to considering the ways in which skills are taught in medicine, I am interested in the relationships between craft and medicine, and ways that technologies are involved in craft learning.

I also love knitting. See more projects on raverly and instagram (user name pneumaticpost).


Publications on the topic of craft:

Harris, Anna (2018) Working on the bias, invited commentary for Perspectives on Medical Education. 7: 67

Harris, Anna (2012). Shopping for a soft sweater and a comfy pair of genes. Genomics, Society and Policy 7: 57-64 (where I relate genetic narratives to Scandinavian knitting, access the article here).

Harris, Anna (2010) Overseas doctors in Australian hospitals: an ethnographic study of how degrees of difference are negotiated in medical practice, Unpublished doctoral dissertation, University of Melbourne (where I used a yo-you quilt as a metaphor, access the thesis here).


Conference panels:

Unravelling craft, technology and practical knowledge


Ruth Benschop and I have an open track on this topic entitled “Unravelling craft, technology and practical knowledge” at the 4S/EASST Conference Barcelona, August 31 – September 3, 2016.

This hands-on session addresses the re-conceptualisation, re-invention and re-enactment of craft practices in contemporary life. Through creative contributions bringing together craftspeople/practitioners/artists and academics/theorists it will explore intersections of craft and thought, making and knowing, tradition and innovation.

Deadline for submissions: 21st February 2016

If you would like to discuss the relevance of your paper to the open track, then please contact either or both of us: and

The calls for all the tracks for the 2016 conference can be found at:

Our panel can be found at:

More information about the conference at:


About pneumaticpost

I am an anthropologist researching medical practices. For more about me, click here. Photo by Arjen Schmitz.

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