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Over the last five years I have been involved in several videos about my different research projects, including a taped conversation, a video abstract and a short three minute video. There is also a video of a lecture I gave to art students. I am looking forward to exploring other possibilities with video with collaborator Paul Craddock soon (see the Making Clinical Sense website).


Hold me Now lecture

As part of the Studium Generale Rietveld Academie 2017-2018 series Hold Me Now – Feel and Touch in an Unreal World.


Maastricht Young Academy

All Maastricht Young Academy members produced videos of their work in 2018. You can see mine here:


Ethics and visual research: a taped conversation

I had a great conversation with Marilys Guillemin about the ethics of visual research, at the The University of Tromsø – The Arctic University of Norway. It was filmed while we were there exploring the possibilities of visual methods with a great group of health researchers, facilitated by Geir Lorem. You can watch the video here.



Self-percussion: a video abstract

To accompany an article I wrote on Percussion in Body & Society I was invited to submit a video abstract. It seemed a nice form to experiment with in the context of an article which was about how to instruct a bodily practice. You can see the video abstract on Theory, Culture & Society here:


The three minute video: learning to listen

During a research visit in Melbourne I was lucky enough to be involved in a workshop on writing short video texts with Simon Clews. You can find the video, Anna Harris: Listening for Disease from Writing Centre on Vimeo.

About pneumaticpost

I am an anthropologist researching medical practices. For more about me, click here. Photo by Arjen Schmitz.

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