Over the last five years I have made several videos about my different research projects, including a taped conversation, a video abstract and a short three minute video. I am looking forward to exploring other possibilities with video soon.


Ethics and visual research: a taped conversation

I had a great conversation with Marilys Guillemin about the ethics of visual research, at the The University of Tromsø – The Arctic University of Norway. It was filmed while we were there exploring the possibilities of visual methods with a great group of health researchers, facilitated by Geir Lorem. You can watch the video here.


Self-percussion: a video abstract

To accompany an article I wrote on Percussion in Body & Society I was invited to submit a video abstract. It seemed a nice form to experiment with in the context of an article which was about how to instruct a bodily practice. You can see the video abstract on Theory, Culture & Society here:


The three minute video: learning to listen

During a research visit in Melbourne I was lucky enough to be involved in a workshop on writing short video texts with Simon Clews. You can find the video, Anna Harris: Listening for Disease from Writing Centre on Vimeo.


About pneumaticpost

I am an anthropologist/sociologist researching medical practices. For more about me, click here.

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