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If you cannot access these articles please contact me by email (a.harris@maastrichtuniversity.nl) and I will send you a copy.

Digital Learning (2020) by Anna Harris and Andrea Wojcik, in Cultural Anthropology Editors’ Forum.

John Nott and Anna Harris (2020), Sticky Objects: History as friction in obstetric education, Medicine Anthropology Theory

Andrea Wojcik, Rachel Allison and Anna Harris (2020) Bumbling Along Together: Producing Collaborative Fieldnotes in Qualitative Education and Social Science Research: Approaches, Practices, and Ethical Considerations edited  by Casey Burkholder and Jennifer Thompson, Routledge, New York.

Harris, Anna, Andrea Wojcik & Rachel Allison (2020) How to make an omelette: A sensory experiment in team ethnography. Qualitative Research, Early Online, https://journals.sagepub.com/doi/full/10.1177/1468794119890543

Harris, Anna, Shanti Sumartojo and Sally Wyatt (2019) Designing for atmospheres of learning”, https://fasos-research.nl/fasos-teachingblog/2020/01/15/designing-for-atmospheres-of-learning/

Harris, Anna (2019) The culinary art of clinical simulation, The Gourmand June edition: https://thegourmand.co.uk/products/the-gourmand-issue-12

Harris, Anna (2018) “Autophony: Listening to your Eyes Move” In The Ethnographic Case edited by Emily Yates-Doerr and Christine Labuski, Mattering Press: https://processing.matteringpress.org/

Harris, Anna and Jan-Joost Rethans (2018) Expressive instructions: ethnographic insights into the creativity and improvisation entailed in teaching physical skills to medical students. Perspectives on Medical Education, 7 (4), pp 226–227.

Harris, Anna (2018) Working on the bias. Perspectives on Medical Education 7: 67.

Harris, Anna and Jan-Joost Rethans (Online First) Expressive instructions: ethnographic insights into the creativity and improvisation entailed in teaching physical skills to medical students. Perspectives on Medical Education.

Harris, Anna and Flynn, Eleanor (2017) Medical education of attention: A qualitative study of learning to listen to sound. Medical Teacher 39 (1): 79 – 84.

Harris, Anna. (2017) “Sounds like infrastructure: Examining the materiality of pneumatic tube systems through their sonic traces” in Historicizing Infrastructure, edited by Andreas Marklund and Mogens Ruediger, Aalborg University Press.

von der Lippe, Charlotte, Frich, Jan, Harris, Anna and Solbrække, Kari. (2017) Treatment of hemophilia: A qualitative study of mothers’ perspectives. Pediatric Blood & Cancer 64 (1): 121 – 127.

Harris, Anna (2016) Doing the boogie woogie rather than 99?: A reflection on how words travel in medicine. Journal of Graduate Medical Education. 8 (5): 793-794

Harris, Anna (2016) The sensory archive (exhibition review). The Senses and Society 11 (3): 345 – 350

Harris, Anna. (2016) Popcorn or dirty socks (Guest post for Marres Senses)

Harris, Anna, Kelly, Susan E. and Wyatt, Sally (2016) CyberGenetics: Health Genetics and New Media. London: Routledge.

Harris, Anna. (2016). “Embodiment” in Oxford Bibliographies in Anthropology, edited by John Jackson. New York: Oxford University Press

Harris, Anna. (2016) “The ethics of researching images found online” In Ethics for Visual Research: Theory, Methodology and Practice edited by Warr, D., Guillemin, M., Cox, S. and Waycott, J. London: Palgrave Macmillan: 61 – 73

Harris, Anna (2016) Listening-touch, affect and the crafting of medical bodies through percussion (Body & Society)

Wyatt, Sally, Harris, Anna and Kelly, Susan E. (2016) Controversy goes online: Schizophrenia genetics on Wikipedia (Science and Technology Studies) 29 (1).

Harris, Anna, Thomas Fuller, Alexandra Supper, Joeri Bruyninckyx and Melissa van Drie. (2016) What we hear, with our tongues (Centre for Imaginative Ethnography, Soundings).

Fuller, Thomas and Anna Harris (2016) Images of Istanbul (Centre for Imaginative Ethnography, Soundings).

von der Lippe, Charlotte, Frich, Jan C., Harris, Anna and Solbrække, Kari Nyheim (2016) Experiences of being a carrier of Fabry disease: a qualitative interview study. Journal of Genetic Counseling 25 (5): 1085–1092.

Harris, Anna, Kelly, Susan E and Wyatt, Sally (2015) Autobiologies: Making sense of engagements with healthcare technologies. Eä: Journal of Medical Humanities & Social Studies of Science and Technology 7(2).

Harris, Anna and van Drie, Melissa (2015) Sharing sound: Teaching, learning and researching sonic skillsSound Studies: An Interdisciplinary Journal): 98 – 117.

Harris, Anna (2015) Eliciting sound memories. The Public Historian 37 (4): in press.

Harris, Anna (2015) The hollow knock and other sounds in recipes. Gastronomica: The Journal of Critical Food Studies 15 (4): in press.

Harris, Anna and Guillemin, Marilys (2015) Notes on the medical underground: Migrant doctors at the margins. Health Sociology Review. 24 (2): 163 – 174.

Harris, Anna (2015) The blackboard anatomist (British Medical Journal) 350: h345

Harris, Anna. (2015) Sounds of the body seeping from the page, Book review of Hearing and the Hospital: Sound, Listening, Knowledge and Experience by Tom Rice, The Senses and Society 10 (1): 115 – 118.

Harris, Anna (2015) Autophony: Listening to your eyes move (Casenotes, Somatosphere).

Harris, Anna (2015) Sounding disease, Guest post for Sociology of Diagnosis website:

Harris, Anna (2014) A murmuration of clinical tales, Book review of An Amazing Murmur of the Heart: Feeling the Patient’s Beat by Cecil Helman, Centre for Medical Humanities blog.

Harris, Anna, Kelly, Susan E. and Wyatt, Sally (2014) Autobiologies on YouTube: Narratives of direct-to-consumer genetic testing. New Genetics and Society 31 (1): 60 – 78

Harris, Anna and Fuller, Thomas (2014) The night-side of hospitals, Places (The Design Observer).

Guillemin, Marilys, and Harris, Anna (2014) Using the senses in qualitative interview research: Practical strategies. SAGE Cases in Methodology: Methods in Action Case Studies.

Harris, Anna and Delany, Clare (2013) International medical graduates in transition. Clinical Teacher 10 (5): 328 – 332.

Wyatt, Sally, Bier, Jess, Harris, Anna, and van Heur, Bas (2013). Introduction to Participatory Knowledge Production 2.0?: Critical Views and Experiences, Special issue for Information, Communication & Society, 16 (2): 153 – 159. 

Harris, Anna (2013) Encountering the familiar unknown: The hidden work of adjusting medical practice between local settings. Journal of Contemporary Ethnography (early online view)

Harris, Anna, Wyatt, Sally, van Heur, Bas and Bier, Jess (2013). Participatory Knowledge Production 2.0?: Critical Views and Experiences, Special issue for Information, Communication & Society, 16 (2)

Harris, Anna (2013) Degrees of difference: The politics of classifying international medical graduatesHealth Sociology Review, 22(2): 210 – 220. 

Wyatt, Sally, Harris, Anna, Adams, Samantha, and Kelly, Susan E (2013) Illness online: Self-reported data and questions of trust in medical and social research. Theory, Culture and Society, 30 (4): 128 – 147. 

Harris, Anna, Wyatt, Sally and Kelly, Susan (2013) The gift of spit (and the obligation to return it): How consumers of online genetic testing services participate in research. Information, Communication & Society, 16 (2): 236 – 257. 

Harris, Anna, Kelly, Susan and Wyatt, Sally (2013) Counseling customers: Emerging roles for genetic counselors in the direct-to-consumer genetic testing market. Journal of Genetic Counseling 22 (2) 277 – 288.

Harris, Anna and Guillemin, Marilys (2012) Developing sensory awareness in qualitative interviewing: A portal into the otherwise unexploredQualitative Health Research 22 (5): 689 – 699.

Harris, Anna (2012). Shopping for a soft sweater and a comfy pair of genes. Genomics, Society and Policy 7: 57-64. 

Harris, Anna, Delany, Clare and Fuller, Thomas (2012), Transition in practice: A critical reflection group for new doctors: A facilitator’s manual, Centre for Health and Society, The University of Melbourne, Melbourne. ISBN no. 9780734047700

Harris, Anna (2011) In a moment of mismatch: Overseas doctors’ adjustments in new hospital environments. Sociology of Health and Illness 33 (2): 308 – 320.

Kelly, Susan, E, Harris, Anna, and Wyatt, Sally. (2011). The medium and the message: Genetic counselling in the direct-to-consumer genetic testing industry. European Journal of Human Genetics 19, Supplement 2.

Harris, Anna (2011) In a moment of mismatch: Overseas doctors’ adjustments in new hospital environments, In Body Work in Health and Social Care: Critical Themes, New Agendas, edited by Julia Twigg, Carol Wolkowitz, Rachel Lara Cohen and Sarah Nettleton, pp 134 – 146. Wiley-Blackwell: London

Harris, Anna (2011). Doctors from overseas are being wastedThe Age 7th April.

Harris, Anna (2011). Sick system for foreign doctorsCourier Mail 23rd March.

Harris, Anna (2010) Learning the System … In the Words of Overseas Doctors, Centre for Health and Society, The University of Melbourne, MelbourneISBN no. 0734041764, 9780734041760

Harris, Anna (2010). Hidden stories in the medical museum. Chiron: Journal of the University of Melbourne Medical Society, Melbourne Medical School: 24 – 27. 

Harris, Anna (2010) Overseas doctors in Australian hospitals: an ethnographic study of how degrees of difference are negotiated in medical practice, Unpublished doctoral dissertation, University of Melbourne.

Harris, Anna (2008) The artist as surgical ethnographer: Participant observers outside the social sciences.  Health: An Interdisciplinary Journal for the Social Study of Health, Illness and Medicine 12 (4): 501 – 514.

Harris, Anna (2005) The anatomy lesson: an examination of the medical body as represented in contemporary anatomical art, Unpublished masters dissertation, University of Melbourne.

Lewkowski, M.D., Barr, R.G., Sherrard, A., Lessard, J., Harris, A., Young, S.N. (2003) Effects of chewing gum on responses to routine painful procedures in children. Physiology and Behavior 79 (2): 257 – 265.

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